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Thank you for taking the time to take part in this survey.

My name is Emily Heaton and I am a final year vet student at the University of Edinburgh interested in sheep flock health.

This project aims to assess the viability and usefulness of a maedi-visna (MV) “foundation” accreditation scheme for commercial UK sheep farmers.

This questionnaire will cover general questions about your sheep business and then specific questions regarding your opinion on a "foundation" MV accreditation scheme. There are 15 questions and it should only take about 5 minutes to complete.

This project is being carried out with the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies, the University of Edinburgh.

Maedi visna (MV) information:

  • MV is an iceberg disease of sheep – meaning a large proportion of the flock may be infected before you see any signs of disease.
  • MV causes increased levels of mastitis, lameness, ill thrift, respiratory disease and neurological disease.
  • MV is fatal, incurable and no vaccine is available.
  • Current control measures include repeated testing and culling of infected animals or complete depopulation of the flock and restocking from MV accredited free sources.

The maedi-visna (MV) “foundation” accreditation scheme is described briefly below:

  • Flocks which produce replacement gimmers would undergo testing and have to adhere to certain biosecurity measures to reduce their likelihood of bringing in MV and spreading it through their flock.
  • The gimmers bought from these flocks would be assigned a certain risk level (based on the testing results, biosecurity measures taken and length of time the flock has been part of the scheme) with each level higher being less likely to carry the disease.
  • Sheep who are part of this scheme would be advertised with their risk level at markets or private sales.
  • This would allow buyers of replacement gimmers to decrease their likelihood of becoming infected with MV.
  • It would allow producers of replacement gimmers to promote and advertise their gimmers with their risk level at sales.
  • Would be designed for commercial flocks and would not be at the same level as the PSGHS maedi visna accreditation scheme

By clicking “next” at the bottom of the page you are giving consent for your answers to be collected and used in my SRC project “An Investigation into the Attitudes of UK Commercial Sheep Farmers to Buying and Selling Sheep with Known Maedi Visna (MV) Status as Part of a "Foundation" MV Accreditation Scheme.”

All data collected is anonymous. Raw data will only be shared within the research team; data will be used in final report and other publications. Raw data will be handled under the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679. All data will be destroyed within five years of the answers being collected.

Participation in this survey is completely voluntary, and you are free to exit the survey at any time before pressing the final submit. Once you have pressed the final submit you can no longer change or withdraw your answers.

If this survey raises any concerns about maedi visna in your flock, please contact your vet for advice.

Thank you for your time.