PRESS RELEASE: 03 July 2019

New time-saving piglet coccidiosis and iron injection available in UK

Bayer has launched the first patented toltrazuril and gleptoferron combination for injection for piglets in the UK. The new product will help prevent both coccidiosis and iron deficiency, with the added benefits of reducing handling time and stress.

Baycox® Iron (36 mg/ml toltrazuril plus 182 mg/ml gleptoferron) is now available for farmers to purchase via their vet.

Fraser Claughton, Bayer UK/IE commercial manager, explains coccidiosis and iron deficiencies are two major concerns for pig producers.

“Because of this, piglets generally go through intense handling to treat against both these issues, shortly after being born. While this is important for the best start in life, it can cause stress to the animal.

“However, the combination therapy offered in Baycox® Iron can effectively address both of these concerns, while reducing the need for some handling at this crucial time, which can make a significant improvement to piglet health and welfare,” he says.

Peter Woodhall, who runs a 240-sow unit in West Shropshire, says coccidiosis prevention has significantly boosted the performance of his herd, mentioning that a dual treatment which also tackles iron deficiency would improve farm efficiency.

“Any opportunity to cut down handling will save both time and labour for us, freeing us up to focus on other work, with the added benefit of cutting down piglet stress, which we find can be very high during the early stages,” he says.

For more information about the new Baycox® Iron Injection, please contact your local Bayer territory manager.

Issued by: Hannah Wilson, Pinstone E: T: 01568 617661 

Notes to editor:

Baycox® Iron Injection

Bayer introduced the first toltrazuril based oral solution (Baycox® 5%) for swine more than 20 years ago, helping farmers to prevent the clinical signs of coccidiosis in neonatal piglets with a single oral treatment. The latest innovation, Baycox® Iron (36 mg/ml toltrazuril plus 182 mg/ml gleptoferron) suspension for injection for piglets, combines the prevention of clinical signs of coccidiosis with the prevention of iron deficiency anaemia in one easy-to-administer injection. It is available in Europe in a 100ml bottle.